Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Exciting News and Update

At the Stock Show
Several of you know our big news. If not, here it is: We are buying a little farm with an older house on the property that we're going to have completely remodeled!! We are super excited! We were supposed to close the end of December.  Unfortunately, 8 days before closing, our bank told us our contractor did not meet their qualifications and we needed to find someone else. This all came at us around the same time we found out about my mother-in-law. We had been working with the first contractor for almost 2 months. Sadly, they failed to submit all of the paperwork they needed to a month prior, so we didn't find out about them not qualifying until very late. Thankfully, we have found someone new, along with a good attorney, since the first guy has threatened to put a (invalid) lien on the property, we have yet to own. We should be closing on the farm house at the end of this month. Renovations will take 10-12 weeks. Once the renovations begin, we'll decide when to put our current house on the market. Ideally we'll close on this house right after the renovations are done on the farm house. We are looking forward to getting some animals and learning how to raise animals and expand our garden. 

It's been a whirlwind of the start of the year. Right before Christmas, we found out my mother-in-love was not doing well health-wise. We decided we needed to make an emergency trip to see her. Rather than travel on Christmas day, we left a couple of days after and headed home on New Years Day. Thankfully, she's still here but in hospice. Please keep her in your prayers.

Christmas was lovely, except for worrying about my mother-in-law. The kids had a nice day and we really scaled back on the toys they received. They each got something they wanted (a toy), needed (boots), to wear (pjs), and to read (a book about something they are interested in). They also got a toy from each other and something from several extended family members.

New Years Eve was sad. My husband spent most of the day next to his mother whom we thought was probably not going to make it through the night. New Years Day, we drove 14 hours home from visiting there. 

Earlier in the month we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We don't get to spend as much time alone together but we have a strong relationship and marriage. Being best friends helps tremendously! Not to mention, we have three of the most precious and beautiful kiddos out there! But I think the main thing that keeps us strong is having a close relationship with God. We try and live as Jesus would, are by far perfect, but we try. 

We just celebrated our Princess' turning 3. She had a fun birthday party and is the cutest 3 year old girl ever. We took a family vacation to Disney World at the beginning of December and had a wonderful time!

Homeschooling is going good. It's been a tough year, I"m not going to lie. I've had to really work with my 7 year old and his attitude. I've considered putting him in public school, which I really would prefer not to do. We took December off and are now back at it. Thankfully, he's having a better attitude and I think we'll continue through the end of the year with flying colors. 

Our homeschool groups and co-ops started up back week. I don't know if I ever wrote about us joining a Classical Conversations group last Fall or not. Anyway, we're enjoying the CC community and learning so many facts about history, science, latin, and math! We have a wonderful co-op as well. My husband and I have been teaching 2nd grade this past quarter at church. Blue Rock just had his first basketball game of the year last Saturday. He scored three baskets! Blue Knight is on the go and loves cars and balls! I think that's the brief version of what's going on at our house. We hope you and your family are doing well. 

Princess is 3!

Dear Princess,

Happy 3rd birthday, my sweet, smart, and beautiful daughter! You have grown so much this past year and it's been so fun watching you learn and grow. You bring lots of sunshine to our lives.

This year, you wanted a Minnie Mouse Birthday party. You LOVE Mickey and Minnie Mouse! We had it at our house and it was probably the last birthday party we'll have at this house before we move to the farm house. You had a blast! You had 4 friends come and a few of their siblings. Your cousin, A, ended up in the hospital due to RSV so she wasn't able to make it. We played games, ate some fun Disney themed food, and had a yummy cake and cupcakes. I surprised you with a giant Minnie Mouse walking balloon, we decorated your bedroom, and took you to Chuck E Cheese on your birthday for lunch.

Fun Facts:

Favorite color: pink
Best friend: Abigail
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite veggie: sandwich (salad with ranch)
What you want to be when you grow up: a doctor
Favorite song: Jesus is Lord and Create in Me is a close 2nd
Favorite book: lots of books
Favorite place to go: Disney World and Chuck E Cheese
Favorite toy: Mouse dolls and toys, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Princess, you are one of the most kind and thoughtful people I know. I love how you are willing to share, comfort, and love others. You are very bright for you age and speak clearly. You love to help those in need and are very precious to us. We hope your love for God, Jesus, and others always continues to grow. We love you very much!


Playing the Mickey and Minnie Chase game

Pin the Bow on You! 

She loved the custom game I made her

Minnie Mouse cake and pink cupcakes

Disney themed food: Pluto's Popcorn; Princess Pretzels; Goofy's Grapes;
Daisy's Vegetable Garden; Minnie's Bows; and Donald's Cheese and Quackers

Pin the Bow on her game

party favors, kids grabbed a Minnie or Mickey ears when they arrived

Kind of like musical chairs but Musical Bows, dance around from
bow to bow. When music stops, stop on a bow and pick a prize in order
of your number. We had monkey dolls in pink, red, and white to choose from.

Enjoying cake with her friends

Some siblings

Party friends!

Present time!

Party favors

Feeding her new baby doll

Some of the balloons

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