Tuesday, September 30, 2014

16 Toddler Busy Bags

All the busy bags in their bags
This morning I met with 16 friends and acquaintances for a toddler busy bag swap. One of my homeschooling groups decided to do a swap for our little ones to help keep them busy while we focus on our bigger kids during school time. I participated in a 4/5 year old busy bag swap last year. These are so fun and you get a lot of neat things for your child to do.

The only rules for the swap were that you had to keep each bag under $2 and bring your activity in a plastic bag. It turned out to be a great swap! Here are the fun busy bags I got.

Animal Memory Game - this is what I brought

Make a rainbow with felt

Pool noodle lacing

I spy game

Colors and Shapes Cards

Lacing and puzzle game

Felt car track

Thread the button through different shapes

Thread pipe cleaners through balls with holes

Picture and number matching game

Spell the word

Pick up bugs

Color and number wheel

Felt Pizza

Butterfly Symmetry Busy Bag

Birthday party busy bag

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