I am a Christian, wife, mom, and friend.  My name is Marisa and this is the story of my fruitful life.  I am married to my college sweetheart.  We are currently living in Texas and have a sweet boy, who we refer to as Blue Rock and a sweet daughter we refer to as Princess. 

We used to live in Germany.  You can read about my expat life here.  I have a BA in English and worked as a legal assistant for a medium size law firm before we moved overseas. While overseas I became a mom, started a photography business, and started blogging.  

I have been married for 10 years. My husband and I used to joke about moving overseas and then one day he applied for a job.  He was hired and we moved to Germany in 2008.  While in Germany I became pregnant with Blue Rock.  That was an experience!  I ended up having a natural and drug free labor and delivery like many German women do. It is possible! Since my son was born I have had 4 miscarriages.  Two miscarriages in Germany and two in the U.S.  I will share more about that on my blog.  That doesn't sound very fruitful does it? However, God has a plan for my life.  I'm on a journey.  Even though I've experienced some very difficult losses, I know God loves me and as my Heavenly Father, He wants the best for me.  Life was never promised to be easy.  In fact we are to expect trials and difficult times.  (James 1:2-3)  I don't always find joy in my trials but I am strengthening my perseverance.

This past year I was blessed with another child. I gave birth in Texas this time and had another natural and drug free labor and delivery. 

My family loves traveling.  My son has been to 22 countries before the age of 4. I am terrible at learning languages but love meeting people from other cultures and speak different languages.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love being a Mom!

I love teaching. My husband and I enjoy teaching Sunday school and I love teaching ladies' Bible class from time to time at church. We also love homeschooling.

I love cooking and am learning how to garden. My ideal situation would be to live in the country off the grid, have a well and wind or solar power, and be self sufficient.  15 years ago I would have laughed if you thought I would want to live outside the city, grow my own food, and raise chickens.  Maybe one day my dream will happen...

Please join me as I share with you my life with you.  Thanks for stopping by.

You can contact me via email at expat.germany AT gmail DOT com 

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