Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 6: My Father's World K and Sonlight P4/5

This week was challenging but fun! My husband was out of town and so it was just Blue Rock and me. Thankfully we had a lot of fun activities planned and spent quite a bit of time with friends and family. We always keep busy. But by the end of the day, I was exhausted. Blue Rock didn't sleep well and we missed his Daddy. He plays such a vital part in our family that his presence is very much missed when he's out of town.  

The units in My Father's World Kindergarten we covered were Unit 3: Leaf and Unit 4: Apple. We did week 6 of Sonlight P4/5.

The week started off good but ended sad. My grandmother, whom I was very close to, passed away Friday morning and we had to take Blue Rock to the ER Friday night.  Thankfully he's okay. 

Here's how our week of school went.We ended up having Saturday school as well, which included a field trip but I'll post that at a later time.

Day 1: This morning we took my husband to the airport and ate lunch with him on the way. In the afternoon we continued our leaf study. Blue Rock picked leaves off of our trees and we came in and he painted around them. He also painted a picture of one of them. This is the first time I've let him paint in my house. I was so thankful his preschool last year did things like this. However, he's been wanting to paint for a while I thought it's about time. He kept things very clean and did a great job. We did work in the Developing an Early Learner and read some stories. My dad came over in the evening to watch him while I went to a hand-in-hand dinner with my church group. Overall it was a good day.

Finding leaves
Picking leaves

Painting around the leaves
He wanted to paint his own leaf
He didn't paint any leaf green. He wants it to be Fall!
Finding rockets
Dot Painting "L"

Day 2: This morning I had ladies' class and it was my last day to teach.  I taught about Sarah.  Blue Rock played with the other kids while I was there.  Then he went to lunch with my dad and sister while I went to lunch with two friends, which was really nice.  This afternoon we did his school work.

We talked about the shriveled leaf form last week.
He's making a sad face since it died.

Then we got the leaves out that we dried.

He counted the leaves and looked at differences and similarities

He lined the leaves up from biggest to smallest

Then he sorted the leaves by color.
He put the darker ones together and the lighter ones together.

Then he made a leaf book with the dried leaves

He loved making this book!

He put the pages in the order he wanted

Then he stapled the book together

He thought of 4 things that started with "L" and drew pictures

He drew a light bulb, leg, leaf, and lemon

Then he wanted to paint a picture of the woods

He did a good job.
Day 3: This was our last day of our leaf unit. Today we did a number of fun leaf activities as we finished up our study.  Blue Rock had his tennis lesson this afternoon and we ate dinner with my dad.

He painted a leaf family, which ended up being our family!

Daddy, Caden, Mommy, and baby sister

I found a cute $2 tree/leaf craft at Target

He decorated the tree with leaves, apples, and acorns

He decorated one side one way

He decorated the other side another way

Then he found a door knob to hang it on

He did the L cuisenaire rods activity

Then I took an empty toilet paper roll and cut out a trunk and branches

He glued the roll to make a tree then decorated it with pom poms for the leaves

He liked this activity

He loves seeing leaves falling and on the ground

A fun tree/leaf lunch!

Critter sandwiches with veggie chips, peaches, and grapes

Yum! He ate it all!

We checked on our withered leaf.  He's dead.
Tennis Lesson
Day 4: This morning we met with our church co-op group. I taught our science lesson today which was about wind and we used balloons.  I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the activity but the kids liked it, especially playing with the balloon. I tied the lesson in with the Holy Spirit. We met my dad for lunch and came home and started our unit on apples. We did some letter A activities and talked about the difference between fruits and vegetables.  I had him name some fruits and I drew a picture and he colored them. Since Collin was out of town, we met up with a friend and her kids at McDonalds for dinner. That's not my favorite place but when you've been playing single mom all week, it's nice to have a break of a decent playground. Blue Rock loves these kids and we spent almost 3 hours there! Longest I've ever been at McDonalds but I'm so thankful for kids who get along and adult conversation.
Sweet friends at co-op
Starting the Apple Unit

Coloring the fruits he named

We talked about lots of different fruit

Good friends taking a break from playing

Day 5: This morning we picked my husband up from the airport - we missed him! I also found out my sweet grandmother passed away. We went up to see her and Blue Rock tried to wake her up because she was usually asleep when we'd visit. She was one of my favorite people in the world and taught me so much. I am very blessed to have had her in my life.
We got started on school kind of late and took it easy today. I almost considered not doing it. However, I bought 5 different kinds of apples and didn't want them to go bad. First he counted them, then Blue Rock sorted them by color and made a graph. Then he lined them up from smallest to biggest. Finally we picked two kinds and cut them and we tasted the difference.  He liked the yellow one over the red one he chose.  For dinner we met with my parents, their friends, and my step-mother's mom for her birthday.
In the evening we took Blue Rock to the ER. We noticed he had two spider bites and they were swollen. Not to take any chances, we decided to have him looked over.  Thankfully he was fine, it just made for a LONG evening after a busy week!

Picking up Dad from the airport

8 apples

4 red, 2 yellow, 2 green

largest to smallest

Cutting the apples - glad he loves to do this!

Which to try first


Birthday dinner

One of the spider bites

Tired boy at the ER

Playing doctor

Well Mom, it looks like you're having a girl!
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