Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Goat Attack

Monday morning, one of the dogs we're keeping on our property, attacked our female goat. My older kids were playing with the goats and dogs in another pasture near the stables. My husband and I were getting breakfast ready, it was Memorial Day, so he was off. When we heard and saw the donkey, heehawing and rearing up and down! She was having a fit! I saw the kids were still in the pasture they were in so I knew they were okay but noticed a few dogs in with Ellie. My husband ran outside and I followed shortly behind him. Some dogs got a hold of our female goat and she was in a corner of the stables covered in blood and limping. Our neighbor and friend, was thankfully home. She ran over and got her horse trailer hooked up to her truck. She called the emergency vet to meet her at the office. She helped us load her up in her horse trailer and she took her in. Praise God, Penny is fine! The vet cleaned her up, gave her antibiotics to take for a week and we're keeping the dog out who went after her. We have six male dogs on our property. All of the dogs have done so well with the other animals but something must have startled Penny and she took off running and Pirate and a few others followed. I'm just glad Penny is okay. We realized on Monday that it's just as important that we have a vet's number handy. We also really need to get a truck and a horse trailer. We are also very thankful for our friend, who helped us with Penny. She's become a good friend of mine who has taught me and the kids so much about large animals and farm life.

She got bit on both sides of her body.

They got her pretty good under her left ear.

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