Thursday, May 18, 2017

We Moved!!

About three weeks ago we finally moved into the farm house. It wasn't quite completely ready yet, but we sold our other house and needed to move in. Our first night here, our fridge was plugged in and sitting in the middle of our kitchen. The ovens and microwave were not installed yet. Now the inside of our house is done! We are LOVING it! We still have some curtains to hang and window treatments to purchase and either install or have installed. But overall, it's great! Country life is quiet at night, peaceful during the day, and just lovely. 

We had our housewarming party last Saturday and were blessed with a little over 70 friends and family members who came through our doors. Our kids are adjusting. The younger ones seemed to adjust really quickly. Our oldest is taking a little longer and isn't completely adjusted yet but is getting there. The first two days we were here, he sat in our van wanting to go back to our old house. I think having so many of his friends come over, he's feeling more at home. His favorite place is the hay low in the stables. He found a secret passage way up to his hideout. 

Being busy is an understatement. Haha. Lets just say, I really don't like moving. It's HARD and with three kids, even harder. But we're here and it's almost all done. My three favorite rooms are my kitchen, bathroom, and breakfast/homeschool area that we added. Those three rooms have transformed our house! I'm also loving our new laundry room, den, and half bath. Really I like everything about our house. I'm looking forward to hosting friends and family and having hosting our kids' parties here. It's such a special place to raise our kids.

Here are a few pictures of our house and from our housewarming party. I'll do some before and afters soon.


Living Room. We finally decided to spend money and get built-ins.

Dining room, we added that extra window.

Breakfast/homeschool room. We added this room and it has transformed our house!

We got our jungle gym put together

Play house!

I've always wanted a pot filler and let me just say, it's awesome!

Master shower and built-ins in the bathroom/closet

This shower is huge! It's so nice!

Vanity and storage, also a sitting area. 

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